Visualization of the glass bridge with reflective artwork by Romain Crelier. Image © Dr. Masoud Akbarzadeh



Special Projects Gallery
November 23, 2024 – April 30, 2025

Project Credits

Lead project collaborators participated with support from their affiliated academic institutions and research labs: Polyhedral Structures Lab, Department of Architecture, Stuart Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania; Villanova University College of Engineering; City College of New York Spitzer School of Architecture; Technische Universtat Darmstadt; Technical University of Vienna; Office of the Vice Provost for Research at the University of Pennsylvania; and National Science Foundation.

This installation is made possible through a generous gift from an anonymous donor at the University of Pennsylvania. The scientific research behind this project is funded by the National Science Foundation CAREER Award (NSF CAREER-1944691 CMMI) to Dr. Masoud Akbarzadeh.

Principal Investigators

Advising Collaborator
Richard Farley

Project Lead

Dr. Masoud Akbarzadeh

Structural Design

Dr. Masoud Akbarzadeh, Yao Lu, Yiliang Shao, Tian Ouyang

Computational Design Lead

Yao Lu

Steel Support Detailing and Formwork Design

Boyu Xiao, Michael Ting, Pouria Vakhshouri

Structural Analysis

Dr. Mohammad Bolhassani, Dr. Paria Yavartanoo

Structural Load Testing and Material Verification

Dr. Joseph Robert Yost, Jorge Huisa Chacon, and Mathew Cregan

Glass Engineering

Dr. Jens Schneider, Philipp Amir Chhadeh

Acrylic Milling Services


Acrylic Materials


Hollow Glass Unit Construction

Glasbau Pritz

Glass Milling Services

Thiele Glass

Low Carbon Glass


Acrylic Extrusion

Hubei Chusui plastic extrusion mold factory



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