Netzwerke des Wissens
Fraunhofer-Institute ILT + IPT Aachen


Implementation of the artistic idea by consulting, planning, drafting,  prototyping and assembling of the art glass elements. Application of  expert report, static and agreement in individual cases.


Germany, Aachen / 2014


Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Munich


ATELIER Annette Sauermann, Aachen


JSWD Architekten, Cologne


Feldmann + Weynand GmbH, Aachen
Glasmalerei Peters GmbH, Paderborn
LightLife GmbH, Cologne
Thiele Glas, Lossatal


The constructive glass building for the artwork „networks of knowledge“ by the artist Annette Sauermann was planned and assembled by Glashandel Pritz. The glass artwork is composed of 42 colored glass elements which are back-lit by a LED lighting system. The art glass elements with dimensions up to 1.255 x 3.719 mm and the adjacent monochrome glass elements together form a mounted glass area of approximately 488 qm.


Annette Sauermann, Christa Lachenmaier, GHP


glasbau pritz on instagram

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