Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf


Realisation of the idea of the architects Studio Libeskind New York. Consulting, planning, drafting and assembling of the glass and stainless steel elements. Application of expert report, static and agreement in individual cases.


Germany, Düsseldorf / 2014


Dula-Werke Dustmann & Co. GmbH, Dortmund


die developer Projektentwicklung GmbH, Düsseldorf


Studio Libeskind, New York / Zürich


Glas Trösch Beratungs-GmbH, Ulm

Glas Trösch GmbH, Kempten / Mengen

Pätzold Glasveredelung e.K., Wilnsdorf

Roberglass SRL, Calci, Italien


New construction of Kö-Bogen, Düsseldorf, following the draft of the architects Studio Libeskind New York. Glashandel Pritz realised  4 lobbies in total in this new construction.


Photo 1 - 7

Lobby 1 + 2: These two lobbies are designed with a smoky quartz satined glass strip (LAMEX SATIN Rauchquarz) with back-lit white satined glass elementes across the floor, wall and ceiling. The overhead glazing is realised using the © GHProof system.  


Photo 8 -11

Lobby 3: The walls of lobby 3 are revetted with 32 curved and 13 flat anthracite satined glass elements (LAMEX COLORDESIGN MIS SATIN Anthrazit). Due to perfect alignment the grey satined strips on the glass proceed stepless across several elements.


Photo 12 -15

Lobby 4: The 3 elevators in this lobby are covered with 238 single white and metallic titan satined glass elements (LAMEX SATIN Extraweiß Extra and EUROLAMEX METALLIC Titan). The gaps between the elements all have the same space, accurate to the millimetre.


Copyright Glas Trösch




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